The Kontur Platform

The Kontur platform is a set of technologies that underpin Kontur’s solutions. It can be roughly broken down into (1) the data part, (2) the engine part, and (3) the insights part.

Kontur Data Part


  • Real-time emergency data
  • Population data
  • Mapping data
Engine Data Part


  • Dataset correlation
  • Reachability analysis
  • Data visualization
Insights Data Part


  • Bivariate maps
  • Area reachable in x minutes
  • Coverage maps, etc.

The Kontur platform capabilities

Real-time event tracking

Real-time event tracking

Get briefed on the state of affairs in a disaster-hit area in real time. Assess risks, estimate impact to residents and infrastructure, and see what is needed to keep your people and assets safe.

Discover data correlations

Discover data correlations

Correlation is not necessarily causation, but a strong correlation between several datasets plotted against one another can provide eye-opening insights. For example, the data on the map shows a spike in both “earthquake” and “tsunami” tweets around the same time. So, the tsunami was likely caused by the earthquake.


Reports are old news and news coverage is driven by the mass media’s own agenda. Kontur gives you objective real-time analytics, letting you draw your own conclusions.

Disaster Management

Disaster Management

View hazard notifications, real-time disaster updates, vital population and infrastructure analytics, impact estimates, first responders and volunteers data in a single dashboard.



Use GIS intelligence to assess risk, detect fraud and expedite insurance claims faster with historical, real-time and post-event analytics.



Make better-informed portfolio management decisions by watching relevant trends in real time. Identify new investment opportunities and unforeseen risks faster than the competition.

Case Studies

Disaster Ninja App

Kontur provides Disaster Ninja app for humanitarian mapping teams

When a disaster strikes, humanitarian mapping teams do their best to quickly and accurately map the affected area, providing the missing details about roads, buildings, shelters, and other objects. One particular challenge coordinators face is choosing the area that needs to be mapped, while balancing out the number of volunteers, the size of the affected area, and the disaster response timeframe.

That's where Kontur was able to offer a shortcut. Utilizing the capabilities of Kontur's platform, we built Disaster Ninja - an interactive dashboard that presents the event's details and all available datasets in a succinct, visual form. This helps mapping teams save precious time and get the essential information in the hands of those who need it faster.

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