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Founder and CEO

Arben Kane is an entrepreneur, investor, and tech visionary with over 17 years of experience.

Over the course of his career, he started four companies: Kontur Labs geospatial analytics platform (now; HD webcam streaming service Ozolio; video app development startup FlikMedia; and iRAPP, which was the first Citrix for Mac Terminal Services solution with top Fortune 100 enterprise clients.

As the key person at Kontur, Arben works directly with the company’s partners to better understand their geo data needs and craft specific solutions based on that. Some of the most significant work to this day has been delivered in partnership with Hawaii-based PDC Global disaster management organization.

Arben received a B.S. in Logistics from Berufsakademie in Stuttgart and a B.S. in Computer Science from Fachhochschule in Darmstadt. He holds four U.S. patents in interactive video viewing and media data processing.

Head of Product Development

Darafei is a product developer who specializes in cartography and GIS (geographic information systems) domain. He is the organizer of the local GIS community in Minsk, Belarus where Kontur has one of the offices. Darafei has been a member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF) since 2010.

Prior to Kontur, Darafei has worked on a number of geospatial projects. He was a GIS engineer at Juno, an Israeli-Belarusian company that rivals Uber in the ride-hailing vertical. He also worked for other well-known Belarusian technology companies like Wargaming and MapsMe.

As Kontur’s Head of Product Development, Darafei envisions the platform’s features and works together with our clients to implement geospatial solutions for them. He’s been working on an area brief product for disaster responders as well as the DisasterNinja tool used by Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team to coordinate volunteer mapping efforts during critical events.

Project Manager / Developer

Jorma is a Project Manager / Developer with over twenty years expertise in software development, web development, and IT. He works directly with the Pacific Disaster Center ( staff to support the technical operations in their Maui headquarters. Jorma has a strong technical background and has focused on GIS development for the last ten years. Past projects have included work for the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Association of Surfing Professionals, and more.

Jorma Rodieck holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of California in Santa Cruz, as well as a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems from Penn State University.

Geographic Information Systems Analyst

Robert has over a decade worth of experience integrating geospatial services and data for enterprise environments. His experience includes emergency response planning, data procurement, and spatial analysis to support global projects. He is working with the Pacific Disaster Center to support international projects around the globe with the development of web-based map services and applications using data-automation tools that streamline complex workflows.

Robert holds a Master’s degree in Geographic Information Science and Technology from the University of Southern California and a Bachelor of Applied Geographic Information Systems from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Alex Kukhar Development and Operations
Alexander Petrov Geospatial Data Engineer
Alexander Rublewski Business Analyst
Alexandr Dubinin Front-end Engineer
Alexander Zapasnik Back-end Engineer
Alexey Dudov Quality Assurance
Aliaksandr Kalenik Software Engineer
Aliaksandra Tsiatserkina UX Designer
Anastasia Artyukevich Delivery Manager
Andrei Klopau Data Curation Engineer
Andrei Kucharau Front-end Engineer
Ekaterina Grudinskaya Business Analyst
Eugene Okulik Quality Assurance
Ilya Izrailyan Front-end Engineer
Ilya Semichastnov Back-end Engineer
Katsiaryna Lukashenak Product Manager
Kira Stsepina Back-end Engineer
Konstantin Shmidman Back-end Engineer
Marharyta Sashenka Quality Assurance
Misha Malikin Product Marketing Manager
Pavel Pashagin Software Engineer
Pavel Rytvinsky Quality Assurance
Polina Krukovich Software Engineer
Sergey Dyadyul UX Designer
Veranika Rechyts Business Analyst
Yevhen Kyslomed Geospatial Data Engineer
Yulia Charnukha HR Generalist
Yulia Vergun Quality Assurance
Yury Kryvashei Wildfire Expert