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The Operational Disaster Interactive Network (ODIN) is an advanced incident management software designed to streamline disaster response and revolutionize incident command systems for government institutions. With its comprehensive suite of tools and features, ODIN enhances situational awareness, facilitates collaboration, and ensures seamless interoperability between agencies.

The US Department of Homeland Security and MIT granted custodianship to Beacon NGO and Kontur to deploy and modernize NICS, currently being modernized is known as the ODIN.

Key features of ODIN – your ultimate incident management solution

Collaborative Command and Control

Promote effective incident management and decision-making with ODIN’s collaborative command and control tools. Create virtual whiteboard rooms, exchange real-time messages, and foster dynamic collaboration among first responders and agencies.

Real-Time Situational Awareness

Stay ahead of the game with ODIN’s real-time incident management system. Access multiple basemap layers, including streets, topographical, satellite, and aeronautical views, to gain comprehensive situational awareness and make informed decisions.

Comprehensive Data Management

Efficiently manage incident-related data with ODIN’s well-structured data repository. Store, retrieve, and analyze critical information for informed decision-making and accurate reporting across agencies.

ODIN supports most popular layer formats such as WFS, WMS, ArcGIS, KMZ, KML, GPX, GeoJSON, Shape File, Image, Breadcrumb, GeoTIFF, and GeoRSS from different providers: NIFC, GDACS, and others.

Enhanced Personnel Tracking

Ensure responder safety and streamline personnel deployment with ODIN’s satellite-based personnel tracking. Use Position Location Information (PLI) technology to track and coordinate responders in the field.

Incident Reporting Made Easy

Effortlessly report and document incidents with ODIN’s intuitive incident reporting software. Capture essential information, streamline data entry, and generate comprehensive incident reports for effective incident management and analysis.

Implementing ODIN – your path to enhanced incident management

At Kontur, we offer comprehensive support to government institutions for the implementation of ODIN. Our services include:

  • Installation: Our team of Kontur specialists will conduct on-premise installations, ensuring that ODIN is seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure.
  • Training: We provide comprehensive training sessions to familiarize your personnel with ODIN. Additionally, we disseminate manuals, documentation, and brochures to facilitate ongoing learning and skill development.
  • Support: Our team is available on-demand to address any technical issues or questions you may have during system operation. We are committed to ensuring a smooth experience with ODIN. 
  • Feedback: We value your input and actively seek feedback to understand your specific needs and continuously improve the ODIN system. Your feedback plays a vital role in shaping future updates and enhancements.
  • New System Development: Based on user feedback and emerging technological advancements, we continuously work on developing a modernized version of ODIN. We are committed to staying at the forefront of disaster response technology.

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