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Solutions Overview

Situational awareness

Situational awareness

Estimate the event’s impact on your people and infrastructure

Early warning

On-the-ground sensors and space satellites detect hazards way before they make headlines. Get alerted about unfolding disasters locally and globally before it’s news.

Continuous tracking

Track relevant metrics that pertain to a given crisis dynamically. Stay updated on the impact, people rescued, the state of the infrastructure, shelter capacity, and other metrics in real time.

Relevant analytics

The Kontur platform enables us to incorporate only the metrics that matter to you. Request a separate dashboard or use our API for relevant real-time disaster analytics.

Decision support

Decision support

Make informed decisions at the time of a crisis

Make informed decisions

Get detailed, hyper-local insights about the event to separate signal from noise. Take the right action to secure your people and assets.

Prioritize response

If you are a first responder, see which areas, neighborhoods and assets need your attention first and prioritize response based on hard data - not gut feeling.

Real-time tracking

Through the interactive dashboard, rescuers can keep track of people, shelter capacities, vehicles, escape paths, and volunteers in real time.

AI-powered real-time analytics

AI-powered real-time analytics

Turn real-time disaster analytics into insights

Predictive modelling

Utilizing GPU-based data analytics engines, Kontur collects real-time analytics from hundreds of datasources to predict how the disaster will unfold.

Social media postings

The media may understate the event’s impact. Learn how serious it really is by looking at the mentions across social media (Twitter, Snapchat…) plotted on a timeline.

Demand/supply auto-management

Kontur relies on AI to automatically manage volunteer demand/supply during and after the disaster. The system can be repurposed for managing mappers or other humanitarian aides.

Visual communication through UI/UX

Visual communication through UI/UX

Talking to you with visual images

Visual insights

We use advanced visualization techniques to communicate data and insights in the clearest way possible, saving your time.

Custom UX

We work together with you to understand your unique data needs and provide a UX that emphasizes and puts critical information at your fingertips.

Corporate style consistency

We’ll use your corporate/preferred colors, fonts, logos, and other elements to give your solution a familiar look-and-feel.