Geospatial Datasets Catalog

Kontur has a variety of geospatial datasets that cover different aspects of social, infrastructure, environmental and climatic parameters.

We have also developed a proprietary Geocint data pipeline that allows us to convert any type of data into hexagonal datasets.  This allows us to quickly add new datasets if they are required for a solution or analysis.

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Kontur datasets are represented by H3 hexagons with 400m resolution. The reason why we use H3 grid instead of the common square grid is that unlike squares, hexagons have equal distances between a hexagon centerpoint and the centers of neighboring cells. This property greatly simplifies performing analysis and smoothing over gradients.

Examples of Our Ready-to-Use Datasets


Kontur population density 

Coverage: World, Units: ppl

Available for free

Self-developed accurate population dataset. Enables site selection analysis, smart city solutions, and disaster management by providing global population density information.

High-resolution Kontur population density 

Coverage: World, Units: ppl

Available for purchase

Data with a resolution of up to 75 meters can be provided for any scale or administrative unit. Leave your request below, and you will receive a response with a cost estimate for your area.

Administrative boundaries 

Coverage: World

Available for free

Facilitates site selection analysis, smart city solutions, and disaster management by displaying worldwide administrative divisions and jurisdictional boundaries.

Specific USA population data

Dataset Collection, Coverage: United States, Units: n

Collection with the distribution of various indicators to identify a specific target audience:

  • Families below poverty line
  • Population with disabilities
  • Population without a car
  • Population over 65 and under 5
  • and more…

Gross Domestic Product

Coverage: World, Units: USD

Helps businesses identify target markets and understand consumer behavior based on GDP data.

Human activity

Coverage: World, Units: USD

Provides insights into the impact of human activity on the environment and helps in developing sustainable solutions.


OSM objects density

Dataset Collection, Coverage: World, Units: km

Identifies areas with a high concentration of objects for potential business opportunities, such as:

  • Eatery places
  • Food shops places
  • Industry areas
  • and more

Nighttime lights intensity

Coverage: World, Units: nW/cm2/sr

Provides insights into urbanization, economic activity, and electricity consumption patterns using remote sensing of nighttime light emissions.

Foursquare datasets

Dataset Collection, Coverage: Japan, Units: n

The compilation comprises Foursquare-derived business data aimed at pinpointing potentially lucrative. Includes dataset:

  • Japan places count
  • Japan visits count
  • and more

OSM mapping datasets

Dataset Collection, Coverage: world

Datasets that helps humanitarian organisations efficiently prioritise mapping activities:

  • OSM buildings count
  • OSM last edit
  • OSM road length
  • and more

Medium–voltage powerlines distribution (predictive) 

Coverage: World, Units: days

Assists in planning electricity distribution networks.


Climate Change Datasets

Dataset Collection, Coverage: World, Units: days

Using Probable Future data, we created a dataset showing what the world would look like at different levels of warming:

  • Days 32°C + and nights 25°C + at the “potential” climate warming scenario of +1°C
  • Days 32°C + and nights 25°C + at the “potential” climate warming scenario of +2°C
  • Days 32°C + considering humidity at the different “potential” climate warming scenarios


Dataset Collection, Coverage: World, Units: ° C

Collection can be used for climate studies, weather forecasting, and understanding the impact of temperature on various ecosystems and human activities. Includes different calculations like:

  • Average
  • Amplitude
  • Maximum
  • Minimum

Vegetation landcover

Dataset Collection, Coverage: World, Units: km2

Provides information on the extent and distribution of different vegetation types, aiding in conservation efforts, land management, and understanding the impact of deforestation on ecosystems and climate change.

  • Forest
  • Evergreen Needleleaf Forest
  • Herbaceous Vegetation
  • Shrubland
  • and more


Coverage: World, Units: index

Provides data on average NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index), which is used to monitor vegetation health, assess land productivity, and study the impact of climate change on ecosystems.


Coverage: World, Units: m

Provides information on average elevation, which is useful for various applications such as urban planning, infrastructure development, and understanding the impact of elevation on climate and natural resources.


Coverage: World (-60:60 latitudes), Units: degrees

Provides data on average slope, which is useful for various applications such as land management, agriculture, and understanding the impact of slope on erosion and water runoff.

Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI) 

Coverage: World (-60:60 latitudes), Units: W/m2

Supports assessing solar energy potential and planning renewable energy projects.


Exposure to various disaster types

Dataset Collection, Coverage: World, Units: days

Dataset collection helps in assessing the vulnerability and population exposure. Includes specified datasets:

  • Volcanic Eruption Exposure
  • Earthquake Exposure
  • Wildfire Exposure
  • Cyclone Exposure
  • Drought Exposure
  • Flood Exposure

PDC GRVA datasets

Dataset Collection, Coverage: World, Units: index

A comprehensive dataset providing multi-hazard exposure information for effective disaster risk management.

Includes such indexes as:

  • Multi-hazard exposure
  • Multi-hazard risk
  • Coping сapacity
  • Vulnerability
  • Resilience
  • and more

Wildfire days

Coverage: World, Units: days

Helps in analyzing the frequency and duration of wildfire events in different regions, aiding in wildfire management and prevention strategies.

COVID-19 confirmed сases

Coverage: World, Units: n

Helps track the spread of the virus, analyzing its impact on different regions, and informing public health interventions and policies.

Internationally recognized and reliable sources

We have collected datasets from leading vendors, unified, hexagonalized and standardized them to offer you the most accurate, up-to-date and reliable solutions based on this data.

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