Kontur Event Feed Access

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Obtain a token via cURL

To obtain a token for access to the feed you need to send this cURL command using command-line interface:

curl --data-urlencode "client_id=kontur_platform" --data-urlencode "username=[EMAIL]" --data-urlencode "password=[PASSWORD]" --data-urlencode "grant_type=password" -H "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" -X POST https://keycloak01.kontur.io/auth/realms/kontur/protocol/openid-connect/token

where [EMAIL] and [PASSWORD] are your account email and new password.

Obtain a token via endpoint

Use endpoint

POST/ https://keycloak01.kontur.io/auth/realms/kontur/protocol/openid-connect/token

Please, fill following parameters: client_id = kontur_platform, grant_type = password, username = [EMAIL], password = [PASSWORD]

Get events

After that, you can interact with Kontur Event Feed using API in swagger (do not forget to insert the generated access_token into the Authorize section in the upper right corner).

Swagger link https://apps.kontur.io/events/swagger-ui/index.html?configUrl=/events/v3/api-docs/swagger-config/

More detailed instruction on how to use it you can see here.

Feed name that you should use for requests: kontur-public.

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