Back-end Engineer (Postgres; Java)
Back-end Engineer (Postgres; Java)

Kontur is looking for a Back-end Engineer for its work-from-home team.

Starting salary ranges from $2,500 to $4,000 based on interview results. Kontur is a US-based geospatial data and real-time risk management solutions provider for humanitarian, private, and governmental organizations. For many regions across the globe, natural disasters are not just news headlines — they are the reality of life. We are helping companies, governments, and communities reduce the impact of natural disasters and provide help and resources to those who need them the most.

Duties and responsibilities

As part of the back-end team, you will be working with product development, spatial data analysts, and front-end developers to design, implement and deploy resilient data processing pipelines, APIs, and tools to serve in-house and client users. You will be solving the challenges of bringing together many online geospatial data sources, transforming and managing them in the system and presenting resulting intelligence to the consumers.

As a Back-end Engineer, you will take responsibility for parts of the Kontur Platform and applications built to use it. You may need to go outside the Java ecosystem to implement data solutions with SQL, Bash, or Python scripts.

FYI. Our technology stack includes Java 11, MyBatis, Spring Boot,, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, GNU Make, Python, Osmium, pgRouting, OSRM. We deploy to a hybrid cloud environment with Docker and Gitlab CI/CD. Front-end is written in React, TypeScript, and uses Mapbox GL JS.

Why would you want to join?

  • Technical challenge. You will be participating in framework development, data engineering, and programming geospatial components.
  • Unmatched expertise. You will be working alongside GIS community leaders, seasoned tech visionaries, entrepreneurs, engineers, and tech leaders with decades of experience.
  • Helping people. Our solutions are already being used by organizations, such as Pacific Disaster Center, Beacon NGO, and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, in real cases of natural and human-made disasters. Knowing that the feature you have been working on saves lives is priceless.
  • Flexibility. We believe that only in a comfortable and safe environment we perform at our best. That’s why we have a flexible schedule and avoid overtime work. The healthy and friendly atmosphere in the company is something we truly value and are proud of.

Things we seek

  • Substantial experience in Java and SQL;
  • Good understanding of geometry and spatial relations;
  • Communication skills — we are running as a remote team now;
  • Knowledge of the core engineering concepts, data structures, algorithms, and best practices;
  • Expertise in designing complex applications, REST APIs, databases, data pipelines;
  • An understanding of modern deployment practices, experience managing applications in both development and production environments.

Things that will set you apart

  • Experience with GIS systems;
  • Focus on next-generation data & analytic technologies;
  • Prior front-end development experience (React);
  • Interest in DevOps practices;
  • Python, C/C++ programming languages;
  • Ability to communicate fluently in English both verbally and in writing.
Apply via email
Salary (net monthly) $2500-$4000
Experience more than 3 years
Location Belarus, Ukraine, Poland
English level upper intermediate or higher
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