QA Engineer
QA Engineer

Kontur is looking for a quality assurance engineer for its work-from-home team.

Kontur is a US-based geospatial data and real-time risk management solutions provider for humanitarian, private, and governmental organizations. For many regions across the globe, natural disasters are not just news headlines — they are the reality of life. We are helping companies, governments, and communities reduce the impact of natural disasters and provide help and resources to those who need them the most.

Duties and responsibilities

As an active member of the development team, you will be involved in the development of software and services from the start of pre-production and into release and further support. Our main technical stack consists of PostgreSQL with PostGIS, Java, Spring Boot on backend and React, REST, GraphQL, and Mapbox GL for map rendering on frontend. The automated test suite is maintained in Python and runs on gitlab-ci.

You will write and walk through checklists, review implemented user stories and raise the team’s awareness of potential risks. Kontur’s services are built around the topic of natural disasters, there is a challenge in providing certain SLA levels to customers when the world is falling apart.

Primary testing targets will be web based user interfaces showing map and tabular data, internal data and layer management interfaces, and preliminary testing of REST and GraphQL endpoints before the implementation of automated tests.

We use Fibery for maintaining the documentation and processes. Validation of the correctness and completeness of documentation will be a part of your duty.

Why would you want to join?

  • Technical challenge. You will be participating in test framework development, data testing and verification of geospatial components.
  • Unmatched expertise. You will be working alongside GIS community leaders, seasoned tech visionaries, entrepreneurs, engineers, and tech leaders with decades of experience.
  • Helping people. Our solutions are already being used by organizations, such as Pacific Disaster Center, Beacon NGO, and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, in real cases of natural and human-made disasters. Knowing that the feature you have been working on saves lives is priceless.
  • Flexibility. We believe that only in a comfortable and safe environment we perform at our best. That’s why we have a flexible schedule and avoid overtime work. The healthy and friendly atmosphere in the company is something we truly value and are proud of.

Things we seek

  • 3+ years of total experience in Quality Assurance.
  • Good knowledge of modern QA practices, technologies, and processes.
  • Proficiency in written English.
  • Experience in working with Continuous Integration and Deployment systems.
  • Experience with REST API testing.
  • Experience with SQL and database access.

Things that will set you apart

  • Experience with GIS systems and data processing pipelines.
  • Technical writing experience.
  • Experience in performance testing.
Apply via email
Salary (net monthly) $1000-$2500
Experience more than 3 years
Location Belarus, Poland
English level intermediate or higher
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