OpenAerialMap v2 Design Testing Phase Update

This article by Cristiano Giovando, DK Benjamin, Aliaksandra Tsiatserkina and Misha Malikin originally appeared on Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Tech Blog

It’s time to share the progress of the OpenAerialMap redesign project again. In previous reports, you could read about the Project Kick-Off and the Design Phase. In June, the Kontur team involved users in the testing phase of the updated design of OAM.

Testing phase

Testing is the third phase of the OpenAerialMap v2 project. During this phase, Kontur team conducted several user testings of Figma prototypes. While users interacted with different scenarios, the team checked their design hypothesis and gathered feedback and insights. Kontur conducted five user testing sessions with representatives from different stakeholder groups:

  1. Satellite / Aerial imagery provider
  2. Drone Imagery provider / Imagery user
  3. Imagery user / OSM Community member
  4. Drone Imagery provider / Imagery user / OSM Community member
  5. Drone Imagery provider / Imagery user / HOT Community member

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