Custom Basemaps

Custom Basemaps

Kontur has extensive experience in map rendering, MapCSS, and global-scale datasets building. This makes for a solid background for presenting custom basemaps.

Kontur team has years of experience in creating base maps for various domains and purposes: disaster management, logistics, games, agriculture, business intelligence, and many others. Regardless of the purpose, basemap is a fundamental map layer containing geographic information to provide location references for any data layers visualized on top of it.

Utilizing the proper basemap can make a difference between a map with confusing colored lines and tiles and a clear, insightful message you actually need for your analytics.

Kontur Lines light basemap:

Kontur Zmrok dark basemap:

Kontur Lines and Kontur Zmrok are the first basemap styles publicly available for projects in Foursquare Studio.

Both map styles are OpenStreetMap-based and made with MapCSS. These minimalistic light and dark vector basemaps are perfect for data visualization. They do not interfere with the display of overlayed colored data. Try them for your projects in Foursquare Studio.

Kontur Lines is a white style vector basemap.

It does not interfere with your choropleth for clean and undistorted data visualization. This clean style is used in Disaster Ninja to help emergency cartographers prepare mapping tasks by comparing OpenStreetMap data and population density.

Kontur Zmrok is a dark style vector basemap.

It provides full cartographic context while leaving most of your display’s dynamic range for your data. This basemap style is used in Global Fires interactive map overlaid with a year of fire data.

Lines and Zmrok map styles are customizable, e.g. the language is switchable, while selected feature names in Foursquare Studio are shown in local languages.

Kontur basemaps can be deployed on-premise to ensure disaster-resilient uninterrupted work.

Try Kontur basemaps and contact us if you need a custom one for your product.

Our other projects
Catchment Area Analysis

If you’re in the business of selling goods or services, then you know how important it is to get them to your customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. One useful tool for this is catchment area creation.

Data Services

Kontur offers advanced mapping and data services.

Whether you face logistic challenges having just addresses you have to put on a map or if you have the whole country insured and want to estimate potential risks in case of disaster, we can enrich your data using various Kontur Platform capabilities.

Disaster Loss Estimation

Estimating losses in the event of a disaster is difficult, and initial loss predictions rarely match the actual costs.

We created an algorithm to compute monetary loss based on statistical data using Kontur Platform capabilities.

Disaster Ninja

Disaster Ninja lets emergency cartographers prepare mapping tasks in minutes instead of hours.

When a disaster strikes, humanitarian mapping teams face such challenges as choosing the area that needs to be mapped as quickly and accurately as possible. Our interactive dashboard helps save precious time by presenting the event’s details and all available datasets in a succinct, visual form.

Dispatcher 112

Dispatcher 112 app helps dispatchers locate the closest fire stations and send the fire brigades faster to the emergency scene.

The laconic solution includes a typo-proof address search, custom routing algorithm for fire trucks, street length, and roof area measuring tools. The technology works well for the Minsk Fire Dept. and can improve disaster response worldwide.

Event Feed

Get information about changes in the course of events from reputable sources via a simple service and use that to make decisions about people, infrastructure and assets faster.

Global Fires

Global Fires viewer visualizes fire data globally and helps find spots free from smoke pollution during wildfire season.

In case of fire unfolding outside your window, it is vital to know where to find breathable areas nearby. When a threat develops rapidly information should be available at your fingertips. Therefore Kontur has been able to gather information about fires and air quality conditions into a tool available for mobile devices in real-time.

Population Density Dataset

We are building the ultimate publicly available global population dataset by obtaining and processing all available data and fixing all known issues.

It was initially developed as a fundamental part of Disaster Ninja to help Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team take actions confidently based on data correlated with population density.

Site selection analysis

Site selection analysis is a critical process that involves a comprehensive assessment of potential locations for a business operation, such as a new store, manufacturing plant, or office. It entails gathering and analyzing various factors, such as market socioeconomics, competition, transportation and infrastructure, labor availability, real estate costs, and regulatory environment.

By conducting this analysis, businesses can make informed decisions about where to establish or expand their operations while considering the strengths and weaknesses of each potential area.

Smart City Tools

Kontur offers various tools to empower municipal authorities, urban planners, and businesses with geospatial analytics and situational intelligence for achieving smart city objectives.