Kontur Team Shines at Franchise Expo Warsaw 2024 with Site Selection Solutions

By Katia Bakhanko, Sales Representative

Recently, Warsaw played host to a gathering of some of the most renowned franchises in Poland and the world at the Franchise Expo. Among the prestigious participants such as Żabka Polska, Subway, DUŻY BEN, and Kaufland Deutschland, Kontur stood out with its innovative solutions in Site Selection and Catchment Area Analysis.

Kontur’s presence at the Franchise Expo was marked by its commitment to showcase the way franchises approach site selection and catchment area analysis for their businesses. In a market where location can make or break a business, Kontur’s advanced solutions offer a strategic advantage to entrepreneurs and franchise owners.

We showcased our capabilities in site selection analysis, a pivotal process for businesses looking to establish or expand their operations. This analysis is a comprehensive assessment that examines a plethora of factors, including market socioeconomics, competition, transportation, infrastructure, labor availability, real estate costs, and regulatory environments. Through this meticulous evaluation, we assist businesses in making well-informed decisions on the most suitable locations for their new ventures, be it a retail store, a quick service restaurant, a distribution center, or even a solar farm.

By leveraging our comprehensive datasets, which include over 80 ready-to-use worldwide layers and the ability to incorporate specific data requests, Kontur provides businesses with the insights and recommendations they need for successful site selection. This approach not only minimizes risks but also optimizes logistics and operational efficiency, ensuring businesses thrive in their chosen locations.

The inquiries received at the expo reflected the diverse needs of the franchise industry. From restaurateurs seeking the perfect spot in Warsaw to entrepreneurs planning to establish a chain of barber shops across the US, Kontur was ready to provide tailored regional analysis. Additionally, franchises aiming to enhance their customer support packages found value in Kontur’s comprehensive analysis offerings.

Whether it’s finding the ideal location for a new venture or enriching customer support strategies with data-driven insights, Kontur is eager to collaborate and support the growth of businesses worldwide.

The Franchise Expo in Warsaw provided an excellent platform for Kontur to demonstrate its prowess in site selection and catchment area analysis. With a focus on innovation and a commitment to assisting entrepreneurs and franchise owners, Kontur is poised to continue making waves in the franchise industry, empowering businesses to thrive in competitive markets. Kontur remains committed to offering and enhancing its solutions to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

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