Kontur team at HNPW 2024

By Katia Bakhanko, Sales Representative

From May 5 to May 10, 2024, Kontur participated in HNPW 2024 (Humanitarian Networks & Partnership Week) in Geneva. Our team traveled to Switzerland to meet with fellows and partners, share our experiences of ongoing projects, and gather insights from various organizations around the world.

Apart from the exhibition, HNPW 2024  featured a variety of sessions that spurred in-depth discussions and generated innovative ideas. These sessions ranged from workshops and panel discussions to interactive forums, allowing participants to delve into critical humanitarian issues. Topics covered included disaster response strategies, technological innovations in humanitarian aid, and improving coordination among international organizations. The team from Kontur had a chance to attend some of the panel discussions of the well-known GIS fellows, meet many people and organizations that are leading the way in geospatial technology, and explore potential collaborations and innovations in the field.

At our stand, Kontur has shared with participants our latest projects in development: Atlas and ODIN. We received multiple valuable feedbacks and insights, listened carefully to the needs of the potential users, and came up with more ideas to enhance our work. We met our long-lasting partners and had some good conversations. 

Throughout the week, we engaged with representatives from numerous organizations including NGOs, Disaster Management Solutions Providers, Governmental, Educational, and Environmental Institutions. These interactions were instrumental in broadening our understanding of the diverse approaches and solutions being implemented across the humanitarian sector. The disasters that humanity is facing right now are happening all around the world, including the average temperature rise, floods, wildfires, and many more. 

Despite the busy week at the  International Conference Center in Geneva, our team had a chance to take a nice walk in Geneva, visit the well-known CERN Science Gateway, walk across the lake, enjoy some of the sightseeings of the city, and try some of the renowned Swiss cuisine.

By establishing new connections and fostering strategic partnerships, Kontur is committed to continuously developing innovative solutions aimed at enhancing the operational efficiency and impact of humanitarian organizations. These efforts are particularly focused on supporting individuals and teams working on the frontlines of disaster response and recovery. Furthermore, Kontur aims to provide robust tools and resources for governments tasked with managing and mitigating the aftermath of climate change. Through these collaborative endeavors, Kontur aspires to not only improve immediate disaster response capabilities but also to contribute to long-term resilience and sustainability.

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