Announcing Population Dataset Release v.5

We are excited to announce the release of the much-anticipated version 5 of our Population Dataset. This update is not just a step forward — it’s a leap into a future where data is more accurate, comprehensive, and actionable. Let’s dive into the major and minor updates that make this release stand out.

Major updates

  • This release of Kontur Population population dataset provides estimates of the world population as of November 1, 2023: Now world total is more than 8 billions (8.031)
  • Known issues with per country totals for several countries were fixed
  • Added 1 new location – Wallis and Futuna

Minor updates

  • Fixed issue with population density in Chernobyl Nuclear Station zone
  • Fixed issue with extra population in Monterrey Mexico
  • Fixed issue with low population in North Macedonia, Argentina and Yemen
  • Buildings coverage for New Zealand, MS Buildings footprint, GHS-POP, HRSL and OpenUrbanMapping dataset were updated
  • Fixed issue with hexagon duplication

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